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Overview to documents required

These instructions give you guidance on the documentation you must provide in order for me to lodge an immigration application on your behalf. 


It is important that you provide all the documents I have requested. The need for this documentation is set out in law, and in New Zealand Immigration Policy, and if the documents are not provided, your application will fail.If for any reason you cannot provide the documents listed, contact me at once.


Originals / Certified Copies

The New Zealand Immigration Service requires original documents, or certified copies. Uncertified photocopies are not acceptable.

Because of the risk of originals being lost or damaged by the New Zealand Immigration Service we prefer to give them certified copies of your documents.

If you want to arrange for your own certified copies, please note that a properly certified copy is a carbon copy or a photocopy of an original document which has then been certified by a solicitor, justice of the peace, notary public or local court official, to the effect that the certifier has sighted the original, and that the certified copy is a true copy. That certification must be on the copy itself and include the signature of the certifier, the stamp or seal of their office, and with their name and the date printed by their signature.


Documentation submitted to Immigration New Zealand will be subject to a verification process carried out by the New Zealand Immigration Service. In some cases, this may involve contact with your previous employers, with police authorities in your home country, with passport authorities, or with the institute where your qualifications were obtained. If any documentation is found to be fraudulent, this will seriously affect the outcome of your application.

If, for any reason, you are not prepared to have your documents subjected to this verification process, please contact me at once. Refusal to submit to verification without valid reason will cause delays and may lead to the New Zealand Immigration Service refusing to recognise your claims.

Documents of Identity

You will need one passport type photographs of each applicant. Please print the subject’s full name(s) on the back of these two photographs. These photographs should be provided loose, for later attachment to your Application Form. 

A certified copy of the personal pages (the pages with your name, date of birth, photo, passport number and passport expiry date) of your own passport and of the passport of each person recorded in your application. If any children are listed on an adult's passport then please make sure you include the page with their details.

Please provide an original passport for every person included in this application.

A full, unabridged, birth certificate for each person included in your application (that is; a birth certificate that contains the full names of parents, date and place of birth).

If you do not have a full birth certificate please contact me immediately for advice. In most cases short version birth certificates are not acceptable.

Work Experience

Please return all the completed paperwork and documents to me by courier or personal delivery.

Please remember only certified copies or original documents are acceptable to the New Zealand Authorizes.

If you are unsure of what to provide please contact me for advice remember I am here to help you. 

Police Clearance Certificates

Immigration New Zealand authorities require Police Clearance Certificates for all applicants over the age of 16. 

WARNING: New Zealand Immigration Law requires the Police Certificate(s) to be NO MORE THAN six months old from the date of issue at the time your application is lodged.  

Duly completed Medical and X-ray certificate for all applicants included in the application 

Medical Certificate

If you need a medical examination or chest X-ray for your immigration application, you need to select a doctor and/or radiologist from our approved list.

The examining doctor/radiologist holds a supply of Immigration New Zealand medical/X-ray forms. The forms can also be downloaded from

Your form will be completed by the panel doctor/radiologist and given back to you. You will be required to submit the completed medical forms to Immigration New Zealand, together with your immigration application. 

Each member of your family is required to have a medical form completed. Family members 11 years and over are also required to have a chest X-ray.

Your medical examination must not be more than 3 months old at the time of application lodgement.

Please bring TWO passport sized photographs and your passport to your appointment to ensure your medical and X-ray report can be completed.

Not all countries have appointed panel doctors. For countries where there are no panel doctors, a registered or board certified or licensed medical practitioner or physician may conduct the medical examination. 


Because a large percentage of the points that you will score will be allocated for your qualifications, it is important that we are able to satisfy the New Zealand Government that your qualifications are valid.

For all academic degrees, trade certificates, advanced trade qualifications, diplomas or certificates, please provide an original or certified copy of your qualification document and your complete academic record (course transcript) showing every course taken year by year, and the marks obtained for that course. 

(For trade certificates or advanced trade qualifications please provide all the material that you have available that indicates the length of time of your training and the subjects studied within that training course).

Work History

Please supply your work references or certificates of service covering each job that you have had which is relevant to your qualification. Employment references or certificates of service from your previous employers should be on company letterhead and signed by a person in authority, stating the exact dates you worked (i.e. date of commencement and date of termination), the position you held and an indication of your work performance.

Please supply your work references or certificates of service covering each job that you have had. Employment references or certificates of service from your previous employers should be on company letterhead and signed by a person in authority, stating the exact dates you worked (i.e. date of commencement and date of termination), the position you held and an indication of your work performance.

If any reference you supply does not have the contact telephone number and address of your previous employer, please provide this to me separately as the New Zealand authorities use this information for verification.

If you cannot obtain employment references for any part of your previous employment you will not be awarded points, and your application could fail. To avoid that, I will have to develop special arguments that I will need to support with some form of evidence. If you cannot provide employment references in the form described above, please provide me with alternative evidence, such as letters of appointment, pay slips, tax records, job specifications or employment performance assessments covering that your years of employment with any particular employer. If these documents are not available, please contact me for advice. 

In regard to your work experience in New Zealand, it is important that you provide similar evidence that sets out information in the same way as above, even if you are currently employed.

English Language 

At the time we lodge your application we must provide evidence that you and any person accompanying you who is included in this application and who is over the age of 16, have an English speaking background that meets the specific requirements set by the New Zealand Government. In order to do this, would you please send me the following, for yourself and every person over the age of 16 who is included in your application. This requirement applies to all applicants, including people who are native English speakers and have never before had to prove that they speak English.


  • A certificate showing that a course of at least three years duration, leading to the award of a tertiary qualification at institutions using English as a medium of instruction, was completed (if the certificate does not show the course was completed in English, please obtain a separate letter from the institution, confirming that English was the medium of instruction).


If any documentation is not in the English language, then it must be translated. The translation must be completed by an official translation service acceptable to the New Zealand Immigration authorities.

You can arrange your own translation if you wish, but please be aware that if the translation is not undertaken by an acceptable translation service the document may be rejected by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

If you send un-translated documents to me, I will arrange translation on your behalf and will bill you at a later date.

Approved translations by an acceptable agency can be expensive.

Document Security

We will protect your documents and, wherever possible, will only present certified copies to the New Zealand Immigration Service. I strongly recommend that you arrange delivery of originals to me by courier service or by personal delivery, on appointment.



Your service with commitment appreciated. We had a good experience with you. Your advice and support are really valuable. Thank you very much from us. 


-Snehal & Krupa Bhatt


Full detailed guidelines about the documentation that you need to prepare for your case.

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